Elevate Your Wine Game with Passion, Charisma, and Top-Tier Menu Ranges

Looking to partner with a wine distributor that delivers top-tier wines, each imbued with passion and charisma? Your search ends here. Dive into the vibrant world of Turner and Jones, the spirited creation of Sam Jones and Felix Turner, driven by our shared enthusiasm and deep appreciation for wine.

Picture your wine list as an enthralling storybook, meticulously curated by us to captivate your customers and maximise sales

Why Work with Turner & Jones?

(Besides Our Uncanny Ability to Tell a Chardonnay from a Chenin Blindfolded)
Trusted by the Best

We’re the chosen supplier for elite establishments, including The Hawksmoor, showcasing our premium offerings and trustworthiness.

Tailored Wine Selections

Our curated collections seamlessly complement your establishment’s unique ambience and clientele.

Wines with Rich Narratives

Each bottle we source is more than just wine; it’s a tale from global vineyards just waiting to captivate your customers.

Partners in Success

We’re more than suppliers; we’re committed allies, ensuring your wine offerings are both exceptional and memorable.

Wine Makers We Partner With

Key Contacts

Felix Turner


Sam Jones




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