T&J's Italian Job

£71.50 £77.00

A fantastic selection of three of our favourite wines from Italy that we know you'll love!

Vino Pomona, Prosecco NV, Veneto 
Light, dry and crisp with flavours of pear drops and lemons. It's Prosecco, you know you love it. 

Ricossa, Gavi di Gavi DOCG, Piedmont 
This isn't just Gavi, it's Gavi di Gavi DOCG. Those four letters mean it's better than your normal plonk, and this is a banger. Soft and fine with lovely acidity, perfect to go with salads, seafoods, picnics...etc.

Barone Montalto, 'Collezione Famiglia' Syrah 2019, Sicily 
New to the UK and an unusual grape to be found on the island of Sicily. It's a full-bodied, deeply flavoured red with great tannins and a toasty, spicy finish.