The Rollercoaster of ReLaunching a Website in the Midst of, Well, Everything

Hello, fellow wine enthusiasts and aficionados of chaos!

It’s me, Sam – the “funny” one (though Felix might contest that, but don’t mind him). I hope you’re holding a glass of something delectable as you read this because, let’s be honest, the world feels like it’s been fermenting in a barrel of unpredictability these past couple of years.

Remember the days when the biggest worry was accidentally ordering a Merlot instead of a Shiraz? Ah, simpler times. These days, we’ve got a pandemic to dodge, a global recession nipping at our heels, and a cocktail of other challenges that I shan’t list for fear of needing a stronger drink.

So, amidst this backdrop of what can only be described as an “Oh, come on!” reality, Turner and Jones decided to relaunch a website. Why? Well, partly because we’re gluttons for punishment but mostly because we believe in the magic of wine. A bit dramatic? Perhaps, but bear with me.

Launching a website is much like making a good wine. You need the right ingredients, the right conditions, and a splash of madness. And while I’m no tech whizz – that’s more Felix’s arena (I just drink the wine and make jokes) – I’ve learned a thing or two from this venture.

1. Patience is Truly a Virtue: Just as you can’t rush the ageing process of a fine wine, building a website requires time and patience. There were days when I just wanted to throw my laptop out the window, but a soothing sip of our latest Chardonnay always kept me grounded.

2. Expect the Unexpected: Much like the unpredictable frosts that can assail our vineyards, technical glitches and updates had me on my toes. But just as we protect our grapes, we persevered, ensuring our digital presence shone through the fog of the world wide web.

3. Reach Out and Connect: It’s been heartwarming to see the global wine community rally together during these trying times. From virtual wine-tasting sessions to supportive messages, it’s clear we’re all in this together. Our website is not just a platform for selling; it’s a bridge connecting all wine lovers, reminding us of the shared joys and memories each bottle brings.

Navigating through the pandemic, in particular, taught us the value of adaptability. Just as a vine bends and twists seeking the sun, we’ve had to find new ways to reach our cherished community. Online wine-tasting sessions, virtual tours of the vineyards, and even a few cheeky memes (mostly my handiwork, of course) became part of our strategy to keep the spirit alive.

The global recession? Well, that’s been a tougher grape to crush. With belts tightening, we’ve done our best to offer whopping deals (you know I love those) and ensure every penny spent gives you value and a moment of bliss in these trying times.

But through it all – the ups, downs, corked bottles, and vintage years – the soul of Turner and Jones remains untouched. We are committed, now more than ever, to bring joy through our wines, to share stories, and to provide a bit of levity (mostly through my stellar humour, of course).

So, as we raise our glasses to the future, a heartfelt thank you to all who’ve joined us on this wild ride. Let’s continue to find laughter in the chaos, solace in the simple pleasures, and always, always have a good bottle within arm’s reach.

Cheers to resilience, adaptability, and the undeniable power of a fine wine.

Stay spirited, Sam

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