From Australian Wine Shops to Launching in a Pandemic: The Spirited Tale of Turner and Jones

Greetings, wine lovers!

If you’ve ever wondered how Turner and Jones came to be, grab a glass of your favourite pour and settle in. Recently, yours truly, Sam (yes, the “funny” one), and Felix enjoyed chatting about our journey in the world of wine. Let’s uncork some highlights!

The Origin Story

The seeds of Turner and Jones were planted when Felix returned from Australia, brimming with wine-related knowledge and a desire to sidestep the typical 9-to-5 grind. While setting up our own company had always lingered, it felt like the right time to dive in after his Australian stint. I brought my experience in sales, while Felix came in with comprehensive knowledge from his father’s shop. It was a match fermented in wine heaven!

Customer-centric from Day One

At the heart of our venture is a commitment to understanding the customer. We’re not just another wine distributor; we’re like the friend who knows exactly which wine you’re in the mood for. Our approach is simple: sell wines people want to drink, not just what we think they should be drinking.

Learning from the Best

Felix’s time at his father’s shop was a foundational chapter in our story. There, he learnt the art of wine selling, focusing on maintaining excellent standards and putting the customer first. Plus, a shout-out to Clive, a veteran from that shop, who imparted some invaluable wine wisdom!

Weathering the Storms

Launching Turner and Jones was a thrilling adventure until 2020 hit us with, well, everything! As we gained momentum, the pandemic led to a cascade of closures, and our newly secured clients were abruptly shut. But if there’s one thing wine teaches you, it’s that with time and patience, there’s potential for something beautiful. In this spirit, we pivoted, set up a website, and ventured into selling to private clients – an avenue we hadn’t initially considered.

Future Pours

Our vision is clear: continuous scaling, finding the right clients, and perhaps, down the line, opening a wine shop or even… dare we say, a pub! While not in the immediate pipeline, these are dreams we’re toasting to. In the meantime, we’re diving deep into trade, exploring exports, and expanding our fine wine collection.

Big thanks to all who’ve joined us on this intoxicating journey. The road ahead looks promising, with many a toast to be shared. Here’s to new beginnings, resilience, and of course, exquisite wines!

Cheers, Sam and Felix

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